PARAS Education Services (PES) strives to enable the poor children from underprivileged areas of Pakistan to get access to free of cost quality education. PES also aims to empower youth and mid-career professionals through life coaching, career counseling, fellowships and personal development initiatives to lead international, interdisciplinary, multicultural and intergenerational dialogue in order to make a global community and inclusive networking of like-minded individuals to work together for a peaceful world.

The story behind PARAS

It was August 1st, 2013 when I was busy with my routine office work in Islamabad, my mother Paras Malik suffered from a sudden cardiac arrest in native village Sukheki Mandi, a small area populated with more than 70000 residents and extremely deprived of quality education and health facilities. Declared a hapless case by rural health centers due to lack of proper medical facilities, she was referred to Faisalabad, the only nearby city 55 km in south. We could not make it to hospital and my mother left us in the journey of life on Motorway M 3. From that day, I decided that starting from my own village, I shall give my level best to facilitate children and youth in rural areas of Pakistan with quality education and may someone after getting due qualification, be able to become a doctor, an engineer, a health specialist, a CSP officer or a policy maker and may be able to save someone else’s mother, sister or father with on time treatment, building medical infrastructure in the area and making effective measures to empower less fortunate rural communities for a better a life style.

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Our Goals

Facilitate poor children

To voluntarily facilitate poor children for provision of education, schools (girls & boys) in rural areas of Pakistan with basic facilities like books, uniforms, class rooms upgradations and clean drinking water filtration plants along with arranging various activities, inspirational talks, creative performances, civic education and sound mental health awareness programs.


Opportunities for undergraduate

To voluntarily create delighting opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, young teachers, artists and mid-career professionals by engaging, guiding and helping them to avail fully funded short term (1 week to 3 months) fellowships/scholarships in all over the world.

Employment possibilities

To create employment possibilities for male and female university students and graduates who are living away from families in big cities for higher educational purposes. We facilitate them with fully paid home tuitions services; engage them in content writing for international marketing companies, paid digital marketing campaigns, internships and part time jobs in development sector, corporate sector, diplomatic missions, public organizations and educational institutions.

Personal development and life coaching

To offer a dynamic personal development and life coaching consultation that equips young people with tools and techniques that increases their abilities to achieve personal and professional success while enjoying life bringing to life its vision of love, cooperation and care. PES aims to empower youth to challenge its own resourcefulness and ability to create desired results, and thus have a positive impact on their self-confidence. Our counseling will help you stand up for yourself with integrity in a social context and increase your ability to deal with demanding situations.

Our Core Values

The impact is the end game

We strive for significant impact in the life of children, youth, community and the health of our country through our projects and day-to-day work.

Pursuing Excellence

Just as we set educational standards for the youth especially from underprivileged areas of Pakistan, we ensure that everything we do is delivered to a high standard.

Governing by learning

We believe in improving every day. We dare to dream of the possibilities. No idea is small if it makes things better for our learners.

Global citizenship

We respect and celebrate the true spirit of diversity. We build bridges of knowledge, push boundaries and unite young like-minded people to transform lives of the underprivileged.