PARAS in Brief

“PARAS Education Services (PES) strives to enable the poor children from underprivileged areas of Pakistan to get access to free of cost quality education. PES also aims to empower youth and mid-career professionals through life coaching, career counseling, fellowships and personal development initiatives to lead international, interdisciplinary, multicultural and intergenerational dialogue in order to make a global community and inclusive networking of like-minded individuals to work together for a peaceful world.”

Creating Future Through Education

Success stories

Aslam Shaheed School Sukheki Mandi, Punjab, Pakistan

In order to facilitate the children of rural areas who also work at various stations on daily wages and in collaboration with Takmil Foundation USA, we established Aslam Shaheed School Sukheki Mandi, boarding 25 children from the less privileged community.


Benish Umir Gill

The parents Umir Gill and Beenish Umir Gill have two daughters, Krishia Umir Gill who is 6 years old and a student of class Nursery C in St. Anne’s Presentation Convent School, Rawalpindi and Yashal Umir Gill who is 3 years old and is enrolled in a Montessori named Miss Jacqualine’s Academy. PARAS Education Services humanize their issue and taken up the case and are fully sponsoring their education.

Ikram Khan

An inspiring tale of Ikram Khan from selling water bottles in streets to securing 700 Marks in Pre-Medical Intermediate.

Kaleem Ullah Khan

One of his 12 Siblings: He is inspired to change the fate of his family in Pakistan.


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More than 100 career talks on personal development, 5 initiative of promotion of peace through music, 35 workshops on girl’s education, 3500 students impacted. Do you want to make a positive impact on the future of Pakistan? You can help transform the lives of Pakistani children. Join hands with Paras Education Services. Become a Paras Education Services volunteer

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