Manzoor Hussain Malik

Executive Advisory Council

It serves to make recommendations and/or provide key information and materials to the board of directors

Noshi Gilani

The most renowned female Urdu poetess, social media activist, political analyst, social worker, and former academic of the Islamia University, Noshi Gilani, has several books of poetry on his name. She gained international recognition due to her candour and frankness style of poetry. She has been represented Pakistan through performing at large poetry gatherings arranged in Pakistan, Australia, Canada and USA. She moved to Australia after her marriage to Saeed Khan an Australian-based Urdu poet in 2008. The couple lives in Sydney, Australia. Her poetry work has been translated into English and her poems were read in the UK Poetry Translation Centers World Poet Tour in 2008. Noshi Gilani is co-founder of the Urdu Academy of Australia in 2009, located at Sydney and organizes monthly sittings to endorse Urdu Poetry and Literature.

Prof. Muhammad Rasheed Khalid

Prof. Rasheed Khalid is a Writer, Corporate Affairs Expert, Global Higher Education Specialist, Marketer, Entrepreneur, Trainer & Consultant. Currently Head of Corporate Affairs, Center of Continuing Learning, Events and External Linkages at SKYLINE UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, SHARJAH, UAE. He has 17 years of diverse and extensive experience at various roles in Corporate Affairs, Public Affairs, Communications, Promotion & Placement, University Advancement, Alumni Affairs, Brand Management, Institutional Marketing and Administration and close coordination with Higher Management. He possesses well-honed competence in coordinating and developing strategic communication plans and broad range of Corporate & Public Relations activities.

Irfan Maqbool

Irfan Maqbool is extremely dedicated Life Coach who is always looking for ways and means to add value to you life. He is Certified Speaker, Coach and leadership trainer from John MAxwell Team, USA. Second Pakistani who is certified from John Maxwell. He helps in making life more passionate more beautiful and more interesting. He is the person who will help you move your life to next level and will show you ways to improve your life and grow further.

Sharafat Ali

Sharafat A. Chaudhry is a development professional turned Lawyer with academic background in disciplines of Law, Social Sciences and Humanities. He is the founding partner of the law firm Hassan & Sharafat (HS Advocates) and associated with renowned law firms Jurisconsults and a Cyprus based Yiannis Papazacharia L.L.C. During last four years, he assisted Ministry of Law & Justice and Ministry of Human Rights on human rights and development issues and wrote a number of pieces of legislative advice, legal opinion and replied to the legal questions. He has represented public and private clients, in more than 350 case, in different courts of law in matters related to inter alia Child protection, Juveniles, Custody of minors, Violence against Children and Women, Anti-terrorism, Civil, Corporate Crimes and Constitution.

Abdul Shakoor Gujjar

Abdul Shakoor Gujjar is community development activist. Having more than 15 years of experience working at gross root level in rural areas of Pakistan, he is pledge to his passion, helping the poor and bridging the gap between the less fortunate population and public offices. He has very strong political will to raise issues of common man and make their voices heard at high level in provincial and federal government in Pakistan.

Ghalib Hussain Malik

Ghalib Hussain Malik is 32-year young entrepreneur, social worker, ambitious business planer and with strong sense of helping others for provision of basic human rights. He believes in education for all and resists violence against children. He is currently working for community development in District Hafizabad, Punjab, Pakistan.

Board of directors

Legally powered with the responsibility to govern a the organization


Mahvish Aslam Khokhar

I am Pre-doctorate Finance. Currently working as Manager Finance/Admin of an Egyptian Multinational. I am Political, Financial, and Human Rights Analyst on Voice of America (VOA) and Freelance Writer.


Abid Hussain

I have Master degree in Business Administration and possess over 15 years of professional experience in banking sector and litigation, Consumer, business and foreign trade departments.


Emma Khan Yousafzai

I have Master Degree in Business Administration with 10 years’ experience in Business development, Management , Marketing and Media. I associated with Tchoukball Federation as General Secretary of women wing Islamabad as well as working with Jazz Islamabad ,Additional I am active member of Social Work Units in Islamabad.


Syed Mubashir Banoori

I am an Expert of Program Management including program development, reporting, monitoring and strategic planning with 11years of diversified experience with a core specialty of gender mainstreaming. Member international humanitarian network-CHS Alliance. A blogger, Hakathonist, member Global Child Rights Movement, Global men-engage alliance, PFDP and HR forum Islamabad, member SUN-CSA global alliance (Health and Nutrition Alliance), an expert of Organization and Programme development. I am also Alumni Scholar of U.S International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP).


Muhammad Jahangir Malik

I am a journalist with MS degree in Media and Communication Studies along with certificate from IBA Karachi in exclusive professional development training program for young journalist in Pakistan. Currently, I am associated with GEO News Network as Associate Producer on current affairs. I am political analyst and maintain my strong stance on human development and progress through provision of basic rights including health facilities and access to quality education. I believe that Every man is a creature of the age in which he lives, and few are able to raise themselves above the ideas of the time.


Shahzad Ahmad

I am Shahzad Ahmed currently working as Manager, Coordination & Liaison at COMSATS University Islamabad. I have secured MS degree in Project Management in University of Bedfordshire United Kingdom. I have been associated with education sector since 1998. I have served University at different levels including International Relations, Coordination and Liaison, Project Management etc. I have been closely working with core team for establishing new Campuses in various cities of Pakistan, tying academic and research collaborations with renowned foreign institutions, managing various components of Technology Park Project under CPEC, enhancing membership countries of Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS), managing highest forums of the University, Senate and Syndicate, corresponding with various stakeholders on behalf of University. I believe in power of education which is the only source that can change the fate of humanity.

Goodwill Ambassadors

Prominent individuals promoting peace, prosperity, fellowship, friendship and brotherhood in representation to PARAS Education Services.

Nayla Bissat

Beirut, Lebanon

My name is Nayla Bissat, I’m a graphic designer based in Beirut, Lebanon. I work in design and communication in the Energy & Environment field. I'm a people person, I really enjoy being surrounded and working with a lot of human beings, whether I’m engaging with colleagues or interacting with beneficiaries.

Yana Krupchinskaya

Kiev, Ukraine

I have studied law at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Kiev, Ukraine and currently working as corporate Lawyer in public sector organization. I am very dynamic and forward-looking person with an optimistic view about life that we should enjoy while making successes. I love traveling and making difference in lives of less privileged communities anywhere in the world.

Muhammad Nabil Khalil

Cairo, Egypt

My name is Mohamed Nabil and I am originally Engineer and then had my MBA from the American university in Cairo, and currently I am a freelance business consultant and human capital trainer and coach, with a great passion to invest in people and seeing them grow and support them to find their meaning in their lives"

Rahmatullah Alizai

Kabul, Afghanistan

Rahmatullah Alizai has been serving as the Executive Director for an Afghan NGO (SADA). He is passionate to provide educational services to the most marginalized communities of the Afghanistan (with special focus on girls education). Through the SADA platform Mr. Alizai lead various educational projects in the rural areas of Southern Afghanistan, which has greatly improved the lives of the targeted people. Mr. Alizai has studied Bachelor of Civil Engineering in Islamabad Pakistan with master of civil structures and infrastructure engineering in Istanbul Turkey.

Merdiye Mutlu

Istanbul, Turkey

Andreea Marcu

Bucharest, Romania

I have studied Management of Digital Enterprises from Politehnica University of Bucharest Romania. I have been working with Brigada de Voluntari, a nonprofit community development organization in Romania. Currently associated with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, I am emphatically empowered and found of making difference in my life and people around. I believe in power of education because this is only weapon that we can use to change the world for a bright and prosperous future.

Media & Communications

Responsible to write and distribute content to promote an organization's brand, activities and various initiatives. They act as a liaison between the organization, the public, and the media to ensure that the organization remains top of mind.

Manager Communication & Public Relations

Hira Amjad

A Feminist by choice. Graduated from Lahore University of Management Sciences in 2019. A prolific Writer and content creator. I Believe in the power of words for they can change the world. Currently working in media industry as Documentary filmmaker.

Manager Out Reach and Network

Amaila Tahir

A creative soul and media studies aspirant fellow at IQRA University Karachi. Obsessed with performing arts and truly inspired from my own existence, I am trying to make a positive difference in this world. Have extensive experience of advertising and working with leading publishers in Pakistan on behalf of Google. I have core passion to learn and transfer the expertise in digital media technologies enabling Pakistani youth, especially young girls to enhance their personal portfolios to emphasize their strengths, skills, and potential for a better future.


Volunteering can help you make friends, learn new skills, advance your career, and even feel happier and healthier.

Sumbal Ayub

I'm an Electrical Engineer and looking forward to learning new skills. I'm 24 and I like travelling, music, baking n sometimes sketching.

Usama Javed

My name is Javed. I am social media activist, a pharmacist to be. I proudly belong to Teachers family and love educating and learning.

Usama Zafar Bhatti

My name is Usama Zafa Bhatti. Proud Pakistani 🇵🇰 Student of International Relations & Political Science. Love to travelling across the globe.

Ussama Zafar

I am Comsian, Gemini , Extrovert ,Books lover and an enthusiastic WELOGGER. I love capturing nature, humanizing real life stories and making ordinary things extraordinary through the own of my creation and imagination.

Haider Hameed

I'm Haider Hameed. I am currently doing Computer Engineering from Comsats University Islamabad. I am a musician and songwriter. I am 21. I aspire to inspire people and truly want to take human race a step forward. I believe in giving to society in any way possible.

Syeda Maria Akbar

I am a graduate of Business Administration. I am a social activist and working on humanitarian projects in the community. I am young researcher and has experience of project management & planning. I am working as a Radio Broadcaster at Pakistan largest radio network. She has worked on youth development and women empowerment.

Kaleem Baig

Kaleem Baig is currently pursuing his degree in Business Administration from the Iqra University Islamabad. He has been associated with Pakistan Boy Scouts Association since an early age. Kaleem has participated in many workshops and educational camps, and offered mentoring to students on Youth Empowerment, Non-formal Basic Education, Health and Interpersonal Skills. With a passion for community service, he believes in shared responsibilities for community development.