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Women Health Issues in Villages, Punjab, Pakistan

An open letter on behalf of 70,000 voiceless people of Sukheki Mandi, Tehsil Pindi Bhattian, District Hafizabad, Punjab, Pakista.

In 2019 only as per calculations of Health Department which I am sure not correct in any case witnessing the misery of situation, 19 young mothers and around 200 infants lost their lives during birth due to non-availability of proper medical treatment, equipment and qualified faculty. Worse to concern is that in from district Hafizabad, populated with approximately 1. 5 million people, the DHQ, THQ and rural health centers (RHC) including RHC Sukheki Mandi are either not equipped with qualified faculty or there is serious shortage of necessary medical equipment. The capacity building, training and development of doctors and staff are not even on agenda of health department.

Only in 2019 from DHQ Hospital Hafizabad, more than 2000 pregnancy cases were referred to Lahore and Gujranwala with an excuse that DHQ does not have necessary medical care, equipment and equipped nursery facility to save lives of young mothers and the children. The common reasons of this tragedy as reported included non-availability of Paeds Cardiologist, Paeds Ortho, Paeds Neuro Surgeon, No MRI facility and for special investigations (bone marrow EEG etc.) in DHQ Hafizabad. Apart from this, it is not less than surprising that THQ Hospital, Pindi Bhattain which is the only nearest major health center for more than half million people has no Ventilator for babies born in 4th section, no facility of blood transfusion and no nursery for the new born babies which is very alarming and the question arises that how the government officials sleep peacefully?

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